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- frequently asked questions -

What is art licensing?

When you license art, you are ‘renting’ artwork from a designer. You could choose to license design(s) of mine non-exclusively or exclusively. A fee is paid to the artist to use the artwork in accordance with the terms set forth in the licensing agreement between both you and I.

What is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive? 

Non-Exclusive License- An existing design of mine may be manufactured by the printer of your choice to be sold as finished goods. I may also choose to license the same design elsewhere at the same time, and continue to sell on sites such as spoonflower, my own web shop, etc. Exclusive License - the Licensee (you) and Licensor (the artist) enter into agreed upon terms whereby a design may be used for a set period of time in a particular market, but I retain rights to license in any other category. Example, You license a design for children's clothing, and I may at the same time license the same design for home goods.

What is the cost of a licensed pattern?

Licensing fees are different for each client/project depending on the scope. I am happy to work with you to learn more about your anticipated needs and can give you accurate pricing once we have established a number of key details. Please reach out to get started!

Who owns the copyright for licensed work?

As the artist, I retain all rights and ownership to my designs.

Where can I view your portfolio?

I am currently working on creating a portfolio. In the meantime, please do check out my shop over on Spoonflower to see nearly all my patterns available for licensing.

Please Note: You do not need a license if you make and sell finished goods with fabric purchased from Hawthorne Supply Co or Spoonflower.

And I would LOVE to see your projects! My biggest hope is that my patterns will help you to create beautiful products for your customers. I hope you'll share your finished work with me! 

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